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Welcome to my home page for my Amateur Radio activities here in the beautiful city of Gold Bar, WA grid square CN97du/N 47.8567 W 121.6959

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at rpatton(at)snolug.org. My station consists of an Icom IC-746, a G5RV 10-80M dipole antenna, an Outbacker Outreach 10-80M vertical (given to me by a CW guru, Frank Pritchett - N7UO (SK - 19 Mar 2015), 2 Icom V-8000 2M mobiles, a few HT's and homebrew dipole antennas. I have a few CW keys, but still need to learn CW. I got an unfinished Two Tinned Tuna QRP transmitter and a few more homebrew kits that I have yet to start to build!

Many thanks goes to my Elmer, Frank Pritchett - N7UO (SK) who got me motivated to get my Technician license in August 2003. A many thanks also goes to Carroll Swain - W7DU for his mentoring me in the area of Amateur Radio satellite operations on those Field Days from 2003 - 2007! Back then for Field Day, I used a PC with Slackware Linux and a program called Predict to make sure we were ready for those satellite passes!

Field Day info:

I am active next year for the January 25-26, 2020 Winter Field Day (www.winterfieldday.com). I will be operating operating in the "1 Outdoor" category at a location yet to be determined. I'll have the transceivers and other station items (to include a coffee pot and heater) hooked up to the 5000 watt generator. I will be attempting a satellite contact this year. My HF rig, an Icom IC-746 and other station accessories will be powered by that 5000 watt gas generator. I using am using the Outbacker Outreach and the G5RV 10-80M dipole antennas with that Icom 746.

I will not be participating in this years Field Day on 22-23 Jun 2019 for the ARRL Field Day (www.arrl.org) as I will be out of town on this weekend. I normally would be operating operating in the "1D" category at my home. My HF rig, an Icom IC-746, and other station accessories would be powered by a 5000 watt gas generator. I also would be using the Outbacker Outreach and the G5RV 10-80M dipole antennas with that Icom 746.

For those wanting to visit the site next year: Talk-in freq is 146.55 simplex with an alternate freq of 146.44 simplex!

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